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Find a Queens Board Certified Bariatric surgeon for metabolic weight loss surgery or gastric bypass

According to a recent study from Obesity Week 2018, in the United States during the year 2017, there were 228,000 metabolic weight loss surgeries and procedures performed across the nation with the vast majority of those performed in the North East and also other states that ranked in the upper half of all state economies. These areas included New York City, Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn, Westchester, Manhattan, New Jersey, Washington DC, Delaware, and Massachusetts - all states that cover bariatric procedures as an essential benefit. For details visit:

Post by kathylambert (2019-01-16 14:42)

Tags: diagnostic Laparoscopy new york bariatric surgery new york bariatric surgeon new york bariatrics new york gastric bypass bypass surgery gastric banding obesity surgery

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